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Malaria parasiteP. berghei
DisruptedGene model (rodent): PBANKA_1457700; Gene model (P.falciparum): PF3D7_1244500; Gene product: PIMMS57 protein (PSOP26)
Phenotype Fertilization and ookinete; Oocyst;
Last modified: 20 June 2022, 14:27
Successful modificationThe parasite was generated by the genetic modification
The mutant contains the following genetic modification(s) Gene disruption
Reference (PubMed-PMID number) Reference 1 (PMID number) : 35606790
MR4 number
Parent parasite used to introduce the genetic modification
Rodent Malaria ParasiteP. berghei
Parent strain/lineP. berghei ANKA
Name parent line/clone P. berghei ANKA 2.34
Other information parent lineP. berghei ANKA 2.34 is a cloned, gametocyte producer line of the ANKA strain (PubMed: PMID: 15137943).
The mutant parasite was generated by
Name PI/ResearcherWang PP, Cao Y
Name Group/DepartmentDepartment of Immunology, College of Basic Medical Sciences
Name InstituteChina Medical University
Name of the mutant parasite
RMgm numberRMgm-5213
Principal nameΔpsop26
Alternative name
Standardized name
Is the mutant parasite cloned after genetic modificationYes
Asexual blood stageNot different from wild type
Gametocyte/GameteNot different from wild type
Fertilization and ookineteA strong reduction (>69%) in mature ookinete numbers.
OocystReduced oocyst numbers (80% reduction).
SporozoiteNot tested
Liver stageNot tested
Additional remarks phenotype

The mutant lacks expression of PSOP26 (PIMMS57 protein)

Protein (function)
See also mutant RMgm-4998

A strong reduction (>69%) in mature ookinete numbers. Reduced oocyst numbers (80% reduction). 

'The zygote numbers in Δpsop26 at 2 h after incubating at 19 °C were comparable to wild-type, indicating that the reduced matured ookinete number  in Δpsop26 mutants is  caused by an impairment of the zygote-to-ookinete developmental transition.'

See also mutant RMgm-4998 lacking expression of PSOP26/PIMMS57 protein where they found a (slightly) different phenotype ('wild type-like ookinete production but reduced oocyst numbers').

Additional information
Analysis of a mutant expressing a C-terminal 3xHA tagged version of PSOP26 (RMgm-5214) provided evidence for localization of the protein at the membrane of male and female gametes (absent in gametocytes before activation) and at the membrane of ookinetes.

See also mutant RMgm-5001 where the found evidence for expression in (the membrane of) ookinetes of PSOP26/PIMMS57 

Other mutants

  Disrupted: Mutant parasite with a disrupted gene
Details of the target gene
Gene Model of Rodent Parasite PBANKA_1457700
Gene Model P. falciparum ortholog PF3D7_1244500
Gene productPIMMS57 protein
Gene product: Alternative namePSOP26
Details of the genetic modification
Inducable system usedNo
Additional remarks inducable system
Type of plasmid/construct used(Linear) plasmid double cross-over
PlasmoGEM (Sanger) construct/vector usedYes
Name of PlasmoGEM construct/vectorPbGEM-325763
Modified PlasmoGEM construct/vector usedNo
Plasmid/construct map
Plasmid/construct sequence
Restriction sites to linearize plasmid
Partial or complete disruption of the geneComplete
Additional remarks partial/complete disruption
Selectable marker used to select the mutant parasitehdhfr/yfcu
Promoter of the selectable markereef1a
Selection (positive) procedurepyrimethamine
Selection (negative) procedureNo
Additional remarks genetic modificationTo disrupt the psop26 gene, a ∆psop26 transgenic parasite was generated using the PbGEM325763 plasmid
Additional remarks selection procedure
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Sequence Primer 2
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Sequence Primer 3
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