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Malaria parasiteP. berghei
Genetic modification not successful
DisruptedGene model (rodent): PBANKA_0309500; Gene model (P.falciparum): PF3D7_0212600; Gene product: secreted protein with altered thrombospondin repeat domain (SPATR)
PhenotypeNo phenotype has been described
Last modified: 25 March 2022, 16:35
Successful modificationThe gene/parasite could not be changed/generated by the genetic modification.
The following genetic modifications were attempted Gene disruption
Number of attempts to introduce the genetic modification ≥ 5
Reference (PubMed-PMID number) Not published (yet)
Parent parasite used to introduce the genetic modification
Rodent Malaria ParasiteP. berghei
Parent strain/lineP. berghei ANKA
Name parent line/clone P. berghei ANKA 676m1cl1 (RMgm-29)
Other information parent line676m1cl1 (RMgm-29) is a reference ANKA mutant line which expresses GFP-luciferase under control of a constitutive promoter. This reference line does not contain a drug-selectable marker (PubMed: PMID: 16242190).
Attempts to generate the mutant parasite were performed by
Name PI/ResearcherCosta DM, Tavares J
Name Group/DepartmentIBMC – Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular
Name InstituteUniversidade do Porto

  Disrupted: Mutant parasite with a disrupted gene
Details of the target gene
Gene Model of Rodent Parasite PBANKA_0309500
Gene Model P. falciparum ortholog PF3D7_0212600
Gene productsecreted protein with altered thrombospondin repeat domain
Gene product: Alternative nameSPATR
Details of the genetic modification
Inducable system usedNo
Additional remarks inducable system
Type of plasmid/construct used(Linear) plasmid double cross-over
PlasmoGEM (Sanger) construct/vector usedYes
Name of PlasmoGEM construct/vectorPbGEM-270402
Modified PlasmoGEM construct/vector usedNo
Plasmid/construct map
Plasmid/construct sequence
Restriction sites to linearize plasmid
Partial or complete disruption of the geneComplete
Additional remarks partial/complete disruption
Selectable marker used to select the mutant parasitehdhfr/yfcu
Promoter of the selectable markereef1a
Selection (positive) procedurepyrimethamine
Selection (negative) procedureNo
Additional remarks genetic modificationThe unsuccessful attempts to disrupt this gene indicate an essential function during asexual blood-stage growth/multiplication.

Deletion of the majority of the spatr gene (PBANKA_0309500) by double cross-over homologous recombination was attempted using the NotI-linearized PbGEM-270402 vector (PlasmoGEM, Sanger). A second construct for total gene deletion was generated by cloning the 5’ (843 bp) and 3’ (292 bp) homology regions amplified by PCR using a Taq DNA polymerase with proofreading activity (Takara) and primers P9 + P12 and P13 + P14 into the pL0001 vector (BEI Resources) via the KpnI/ClaI and EcoRI/BamHI cloning sites, respectively. The linearized constructs were used to transfect synchronized schizonts with the Nucleofector® device (Amaxa).
Additional remarks selection procedure
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